Another year of Chester Race week.

Every few years since 2012 I have been shooting Chester Race week for different publications, either print or sometimes online publications. This year however Chester Race week approached me to see if I would like to be aboard the media boat to take a " few photos ". I always enjoy this morning/afternoon event as being on the water taking photos of beautiful vessels has to a highlight of my summer.

4 hours in total on the water and 1707 photos later I was pretty tired last night but managed to go through a few photos to choose for this blog post. These photos are not necessarily the best but ones that caught my eye first.



I don't believe this lone sailboat was part of the race but made a great " photo-op "

What do you do when your already to race but there is not enough wind. Well the wind did pick up after a little delay and I managed this photo as three boats were tied together socializing.

Struggling sails and wind.....